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Shop Update

During all the COVID -19 cancellations, Trena and I decided to move to a bigger shop. Several years later, I still don't have things exactly where I want them but from this point on it will be a work in progress. 


The best news here is once I get my forge built I'll be using natural gas instead of propane. No more running out of gas in the middle of a project.  Currently, I'm doing all my forging at the Blacksmith Shop of Omaha (thanks Elmo).  I do all the grinding, polishing, fitting & what not at my new shop. I didn't have the foresight to take pics along the way to post so you could see the evolution of my shop this last year. 

Now on to the really big news.  After getting our new house put together, Trena decided it was finally time she try leatherwork.  She took a class in December 2021 and intended on starting right away but life intervened.  April 2022, life slowed down enough so that she could start making sheaths and scabbards.  WOW!!  They really look great and she's getting better and faster with each one. I'm really proud of just how hard she works to make everyone of them the best that she can.  We will be adding new stock to the store pages soon, so be sure to take a look at the sheaths and blog posts from Trena!!

Dwarf Mountain Knives.jpg
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