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John Thompson, creator and custom knife maker at Dwarf Mountain Knives, has been supplying customers throughout the Midwest with distinctive edged tools since 1996.


"We take pride in offering 100% hand crafted one of a kind quality pieces that are built to last. John and his family are committed to providing guidance, inspiration as well as hands-on assistance in taking care of each item."

"I started making knives in 1992. I had no idea how to do it, I just knew, for my own sanity, I had to try. I started off by checking out every book the library had that dealt with knives, swords, blacksmithing, forging, etc. In 1993, Trena and I went to a knife show in Las Vegas. We traveled with my sister Kathi and her husband, Dan. While we walked around looking at all the knives, Trena asked many of the knife makers there how they got started. It was funny that some of them were so protective of that information. While I got caught up in conversation, Trena continued walking around and met Tom Black, of Alburquerque, New Mexico. He ended up winning Best of Show that year! Tom was so kind. He took time to talk to Trena and offerred some sound advice. She followed up with Tom a month or so later and together with Tom's wife, Kaki, they secretly conspired a week-long trip for us to spend at their home so Tom could teach me the basics of knife making. At that time, our oldest son, Kyle, had just turned one. The trip was quite memorable! I came home and put my newfound inspiration to good use and got to work making knives and swords.  At this time everything I making was stock removal. I knew I wanted to forge knives but that would have to wait until I could afford the necessary tools. I had a lot of learning to do, and most of it was trial and error. It took a couple of years to hone my skills and build up enough inventory that we could sell.  I pursued and struggled my life's passion. There were some things that came to me so instinctively, and then there were issues that would stump me to the point of total frustration. It would be nearly a decade before I took my first professional blacksmithing class."

"Taking the American Bladesmith Society classes is something I had always wanted to do, but my rainy-day-funds kept getting swallowed up by every-day-life! I finally took the ABS class in March of 2007. This class was a 2006 Christmas present from all of the important women in my life: my wife, my sisters, my sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law. Best present EVER!  

Again with my newfound knowledge, and rereading any book dealing with the forging of knives, I got to work creating. In 2009, after making a few damascus blades, I was bit by the damascus bug, and now any free time I have I spent cutting, stacking, grinding and forge welding up billets. In 2012, I decided I would learn how to forge axes. It took almost two years for me to work out a proven process, but I've found I'm getting consistant results that I'm happy with, and customers seem to be agree. Someday, I plan on going back and getting my Journeyman and eventually Master Bladesmith titles."

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