Knives, I like making knives. I like forging. By the time I have a knife blade forged out, I've already finished it in my own head, and so into the bucket it goes, and on to the next project I go! Trena tells me I can't sell them this way, so reluctantly, I'm always working right up until the very last minute the night before a (every) show on stuff I finished months ago, at least in my own head.

Daggers. They are the first thing I ever forged. Why start off easy, right? I typically use 5160 High Carbon Spring steel for my dagger blades and they are heat treated to around 58 degrees on the c scale.  


Swords are fun to forge, but not so much to grind. Do you remember what I said about knives? This is where I wish I was cloned, or had my own colony of minions to do the grinding for me. More often than Trena would prefer, I put my 'finished' sword away so I can start a new one!!

Swords are generally 5160 High Carbon Spring Steel and they are heat treated to around 52 degrees on the c scale.

Out of everything I forge, axes are my favorite.  It must be the dwarf in me.  All of my axes feature a wrap-welded blade, with a bit typically made of 1075 High Carbon Spring Steel while the poll is made of 1018 steel. The handle is usually ash or hickory. Custom handles are negotiable. 


This includes anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.  Things like spears, poll weapons, war hammers, but it could be just about anything, even bars of damascus.


Contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding our weaponry. We want to hear from you and how we can help you with any needs for polishing/sharpening.


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