My swords are primarily made from 5160 High Carbon Spring Steel. I do my own heat treating and tempering. Swords are tempered to 52 degrees on the C scale. They are forged to shape and then ground to final size and shape. I use natural hardwoods from all over the world for handle material.


I made this particular single hand thrusting sword of quarter inch 5160. The overerall length of 37 5/8". This sleek sword features a tapered blade and a 22 1/2" fuller. The taper measures 1" wide two inches from the point; the fuller stops eight and a half inches from the point.


I used a magnificant piece of Cocobolo for the handle. I made the fittings myself out of 1018 Steel. The guard measures 8 3/4" inches wide and the wheel pommel measures right at 2".


The balance turned out just the way I wanted, it's fun to swing that provides a satisfying feeling with the follow through and ample momentum for the cross-swing. The overall weight is 2 lbs. 15 oz. 

Cocobolo Single Hand Sword

  • This Thrusting Sword has a 31 inch blade.  The overall length is 37 5/8 inches and weighs 3lbs. 11 ozs.. The blade is 1 3/4 inches wide tapering to 1 inch wide, two inches from the point.  It has 1018 steel fittings and a Cocobolo handle.   The POB is 5 inches in front of the guard. The blade is not sharpened right now, but we will sharpen for free if you want. Please allow a few extra days for this to happen.