I make my blacksmith knives out of 1084 high carbon spring steel.  Eash one is individually made, no two are ever alike.  I do all my own heat treating and tempering.  Blacksmith knives work well for a camp knife or everyday knife.   I have two or three lying around the shop that I use regularly. I usually start off each day by making one or two of these knives. If there is one in particular that you see on our website that you are interested in, please contact me to so I see if I still have that exact piece. 


Sheaths can be made starting at $30 please contact us for details.

Blacksmith Knives with a sharpened clip

  • These blacksmith knives differ as they have a sharpened clip, so they run a few dollars more than those without the sharpened clip.

    The bade length on my blacksmith knives average to be about 5 1/2 inches and the overall length about 10 inches.  The blade width is 1 1/4 inches and the final weight averages to be about 8.6 ozs.