Our swolrds are primarily made from 5160 High Carbon Spring Steel. We do our own heat treating and tempering. Swords are tempered to 52 degrees on the C scale. They are forged to shape and then ground to final size and shape. We use natural hardwoods from all over the world.

Baskethilt Claymore

  • This blade is my first Baskethilt Claymore.   The blade is 32 inches long with an overall length of 39 inches.  The blade is 2 inches wide at the hilt and tapers to 1 inch wide 1 inch from the point.  It has a 1/2 inch fuller that is 23 inches long from the hilt out.  The balance point is 4 1/2 inches out from the hilf and the weight is 3 1/2 pounds.  The guard is made of 1018 low carbon steel and the handle is Wenge.